This is a playtest version of the Foeman applet game (initially posted 10/4/09). This game is an extensive reworking of Metagaming's microgames Melee & Wizard, which were elaborated into The Fantasy Trip rules. This early attempt is limited to the original Melee map and arena combat conditions. Try it out and if you have suggestions send email to feedback. Refreshing your browser page will restart the program here.

The workThe files

fmnX9.jar: Java arc* - incl all files below:
*(.jar format info)

fmnX9.html: applet-only web page (can enlarge gameboard) Java pgm code (plain text)

fmnX9rul.rtf: game rules (rich text)

Revision notes: .

fmnG1.html: configuration & scenarios list
fmnG2.html: general category description
fmnG3.txt: game design notes (plain text)
fmnG4.txt: program coding info (plain text)