This is a playtest version of the Stand At Mortain applet game (initially posted 3/31/07). This game is a design distributed by Against The Odds magazine in a postcard- size format as an introductory experience of their revisitation of historic military engagements which could have been approached differently. Try it out and if you have suggestions send email to feedback. Refreshing your browser page will restart the game here.

The gameThe files

mrtX10.jar: Java arc* - incl all files below:
*(.jar format info)

mrtX10.html: applet-only web page Java pgm code (plain text)

mrtX10rul.txt: game rules (plain text)

Revision notes: Expanded 0) unit selection toggle for appropriate choices per game phase. Added heavy outlines around all units at greater scales. Elaborated AI for priority to 2- step units and group attacks.

mrtG2.html: general category description
mrtG3.txt: game design notes (plain text)
mrtG4.txt: program coding info (plain text)