Barn Razor: Jesus' preoccupation with the hope of heaven.

Well, I went down to the river to pray,

Studying about that good old way,

And who shall wear the robe and crown.

Oh Lord, show me the way!

Faith Alone:

the way, truth & life.

looking to as brass serpent, vs looking within as existentialism, transcendentalism.

Born Again:

subscription resolved by prescription, regenerate= repentent. penitent, hermitage

life of the spirit. the material as deathly, corruptible. goal of spirituality is to lay up treasure in heaven.


treasure parables.

Barn Raiser contrasting parable.

With God, all things are possible. - context in eye of a needle= not: even a rich man can be saved, but: even a man with besetting uncertainty and selfishness can learn better

Righteous Living:

Justification's followup step should tend toward sanctification.

Paul's pastoral epistles and the influence from church

Paul's doctrinal epistles re: Relying on a career of governance requires adoption of the correct gospel. Teaching/ parenting anything otherwise is execrated for the worst form of sinfulness.

John's Revelation and accusation of the Asian churches whose secular "progress" has led them astray from first principles.

Sheep & Goats:

God's will be done in us, vs God is on our side

Christ's temptation by Satan is illustrative of the choice to be what the world thinks it expects of you, what you think you have in yourself, or what God thinks of your being - resulting in the inquisition of the Baptist in contrast to the adoration of the magi, and to the persecution of the sanhedrin in contrast to the toleration of Pilate and wife's governance

stewardship/ discipleship mixup. goal of (the Unjust) stewardship is to bear fruit, discipleship is to be found watching. related to Lion's Den (no defender of the faith needed)

Intercessory versus Intermediary:

trinity - Jehovah ordains as righteous judge in administration of the Accords (Will, Covenant, Law, Command, Rule, Sign); Christ enacts as the good shepherd in God's kingdom and head of the church of God, as God's second Adam our inheritance, Holy Ghost perfects as paraclete, comforter, inspiration, our better angels

prayer life= address to the Father through the Spirit in the Son's name

blessed assurance, my lord & savior, holiness is dependence on God while faith is reliance on God

goal of faithfulness is to build upon a firm foundation, so then the goal of soul competency is to show thyself approved in the peculiar priesthood of believers