Lions' Den

You, Christian! Will you renounce Christ?

Man, you know that. Talk about your sure thing.

I say, on pain of death, do you renounce Christ?

Usually for a lot less. You dig: worry, work, wild times.

If you do, you can go free.

Real decent of you to offer, brother. Righteous deal.

Say it now.

Right. I can live without Christ. That's how it goes.

Say: "Jesus isn't my lord and savior."
Deny Christ? Like He's too hip to care about squares like me? Who'd take my word?

Are you going to...

Sure: Jesus isn't my Lord and Savior. I know Him, He can't be.

You know him?

No sir, don't know Him no way, tell the truth.

But you claim to follow him; like some disciple.

What give you that idea? Ain't been listening.

Now so you know, this will be published.

Y'all come first right here. They's another witness another day.

Some big witness! Fine example you turned out to be.

Hey, I'll reject Christ, too: Nothing He's got has any value that I know of.

Are you a nut case? You act like you don't know what you're doing.

Tell me about it. It's the Spirit setup. Secular got it easy.

Get away from me! You make me sick.

Yeah. Sorry about that. Hope you'll forgive me.


The ideological defense of (the tenets of) Christianity is referred to as apologetics - perhaps this study will give some idea why. The aspect of the beliefs examined deals with what's called Christology (study/ knowledge of "the" Christ), but is even more specifically directed at the inevitable shortcomings of what constitutes a believer's faith in Christ; in this treatment kindred to the age- old problem of recognizing the Messiah.

Here's the gist of it:

forsake: Christ's teachings don't always apply. (mocked, display Bible)

renounce: I can make my own way, without Christ. (held in reserve)

deny: What have I to do with Christ? (What's He to me?)

reject: Christ wouldn't understand. (I gotta be me.)

doubt: What would I do if I were Christ? (the leaven of the Pharisees)

tempt: I'm awaiting a sign from Christ. (show my way)

These are not problems that believers should feel are avoidable; rather they're inescapable conditions of a relationship that involves living in the world in obedience to the revelation of Christ and His Kingdom.

We typically vacillate (waver and alternate) between seeing ourselves as supporters trying to follow Christ's example, and turning for guidance in professed submission to His lordship; which leads us to imagine that we have achieved facility in both, when we ought to be admitting, in part due to this flip- flopping, to having compassed neither. Confession (confession of one's lack of comprehension) is the only real affirmation of belief one can make: every knee will bow & every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is.. what? The answer is: the answer. If we seek to portray ourselves as purveyors of a Christianity which is subject to our mastery, we are only setting ourselves up to have the old accusation of hypocrisy lodged against us. We shall continue to be advocates for Christ and His kingdom. We cannot expect to be the light of the world without illuminating ourselves in the process, otherwise we put ourselves in the place of the source of the light.