Like what:

The stereotypical soiled dove with a heart of gold.

About time:

At long last (re-)entering the promised land 1250 BC; following the exodus, which had turned into 40 years of wandering in the wilderness after debouching from 400 years of sojourn and/ or bondage in Egypt.


The book of Joshua relates his taking leadership for the invasion of Caanan after Moses is forbidden to enter this promised land [Num 20:12]. Two Israelite buddies detailed to spy out the defenses of the citadel of Jericho look up the city's notorious house of prostitution (see About Time, above) [Jos 2:1].

Into it:

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fast forward intro:

Naomi of the town of Bethlehem had taken to calling herself Mara ("bitterness") in place of her given name, ever since she'd made her way back to her home town from the neighboring land of Moab which had cost her nearly everything dear to her. Famine, grueling toil, sickness and mishap had combined to deprive her of her husband and two grown sons in the space of ten wearisome years. Wiped out, with no near family connections, the only light that now brightened her life was the resolute companionship of her Moabite daughter- in- law Ruth, who had nothing to offer Naomi but the comfort of her friendship after being widowed herself. [more]

Naomi more than happy to dish the local dirt to Ruth: "Now you're starting to sound like me. Why, bless your soul, child, don't you know who his mama was?" [Mat 1:5]


Jacob's family, now the Hebrew people divided into twelve tribes following the descendants of the sons of Israel, return to Canaan - Joshua dispatches spies as he himself had been - spies begin to descend to plain when they turn at a glaring brightness from behind and marvel to find Joshua vanished with a receding roll of thunder (talks to angel)


brothel madam knows traditions of assembled multitude vs seeing them as invaders like everyone else (Moses' approach & encampment) - meaning of name "Rahab" most often (given is as derived from) associated with Heb. rahav "broad" (ahem) but as appellation may have more connection with "dragon" as in (scripture quotations) - Heb. title -> Moabite/ Caananite contact ancestry?

flashback to:

Rahab familiar with eastern gypsy wanderer Balaam & his odd relationship with Jehovah (note Balaam's recommendation for sexual pollution of the Israelites) by contact with and misuse by representative from court of Balak in Moab - had come to big city of Jericho & fallen into prostitution, then become madam playing upon the fierce/ wild reputation which followed her