Variant of Dwarfstar's Demonlord fantasy miniatures wargame.

~Companions cpx, Darklord sco, Outbreak mdl
This design is remarkable for its manageable, though superlarge- scale, theatre representation (the "battle map" extends to homelands and remote territories) of the standard fantasy wargame; yet with not only provision for, but emphasis on the movement (wandering) of small parties and leaders. This has been attempted with other Middle- earth style efforts, though not with this degree of adaptability and compactness. ~investment of fortified areas and simplified siege rules could do with elaboration

~illus concept= Reserve/ Reservation
The organization and employment of a force of reserves is usually the crucial consideration for wargamers as commanders (practically codified in the battle of Shiloh whose 1st day of fighting was a Confederate victory, while its 2nd day was a Federal one) though less relevant in depictions of large scale, war of movement, operations than in "set piece" (see characterization/ definition of "pitched") battles. In strategic maneuvering, the value of a reserve becomes wrapped up in its possession of an area ("departments"): thus the reservation concept.