Foeman Backstory

[configurations, formats, versions listing]

MindWand Melee starter printed ruleset (playtest): mleX1Cp.rtf.

Trice adventure printed module for above: trcX1Md.txt.

Trice adventure's mapboard graphic: trcX1Px.wmf.


Can a figure that moves onto another which it can Trample be repulsed, or must the tgt fig only be moved in such a case? - Should a fig that attempts HTH be req to drop its held wpn/ itm(s) `?prior to the tgt fig making its SV?

to do list

var usage viz lvls- spans pikAct().. exeAct(): a2 - optSrc - dibFig - atkSrc

Ddg opt as cdn of Dfd pik [?in exeAct()]

Aim qlf cdns: no step, hits/ dmg, Dfd (not Ddg) vs only tgt of Aim

?fmn_opt.rtf (ref fmnX3rul.rtf): prone MA 3, Aback MP +1, Trample qlf= Siz +1, "beg mov" ["get go"]= make 1st stp or use opt w MP cost

chk if coded itm degra rolls vary iaw CN spc

note shd, Dfd, amr's dmg- stopping/ Rtg- opn/ degra order

Size mod for rng atk


usrPik(): sep mnu 0) pik opt 1) pikUse() 2) Profile; from 1).. 9) opt pik mnu [-> pikUse() call moves up]

msl wpn lod: no unrdy amo asm- take amo itm fired from ItmOpn of fir wpn

addItm(): if fx- typ -> auto ItmOpn of rndCnt+ 1

atkItm set: ?err if 0

mac/usrPik(): on optTyp=Mov (>as dfa), asgn FigDic=1

movQlf(): chk univ reqs for spc movs: disegd at start of move, spent<= MA/ 2 upon opn of spc mov, last step of mov not Aback (About Ok)

?toOk(): mov thru tgt fig Fro hex adds +1D MP [alt: and must have Trample cap vs indiv tgts to cross Fro hex]

pikMov/Use(): Poker/ Picket reload

pikItm(): ?rmv - just req chkPfl() as in rdyItm()

pikMov/Use(): allow fig to drop item(s)

canHit/See(): call of isBy() vs isEgd() - chk if coded frontal view arcs for multihex figs as for 1- hex fig, vs LOS thru any Fro hex/ swept back (& doc)

shdArc(): chk if incl offhand wpns

pikItm(): ?rmv (cur unused viz chkPfl(,2))

[Adv] fx itms for Whip, Blowgun spc fnc; itm ret roll for left- hand wpn hits