MindWand complex, Arena scenario, Foeman module: Variant of TFT upgrade of Melee/ Wizard microgames.

~illus concept= Allegiance/ Aggregation: leading toward Fealty, and Alignment (of rpgs) - or, Robin Hood type "day for adventure/ What's to be seen" prospecting Roleplaying Is that an RPG? Gaming roleplay: To say that everyone has his own idea of what roleplaying should be about is just to confuse the issue and make the concept more frustrating to try to implement on a broad scale; and also to impose an unnecessary disjunct between roleplay and gaming. Can it be? Simulation: `fundamentally, games are toys, figures are dolls and play is putting on an act ` - Disturbingly, it's not the Scrabble enthusiasts, video zombies, the ` or even the game company execs out to make a buck who put the kibosh on gaming culture so much as the attitudes of popular culture icons who view gaming as a misguided use of an undeveloped imagination, an exercise in immaturity, a puerile excitement. And they should know, right? If Wm Shatner recommends one get a life, Sheryl Crow considers that a change would do you good, and J. K. Rowling wants to put that phase behind her, who's to say otherwise? Besides, where could it end? Wouldn't want to burn out like Poe, selfdestruct like Howard `. What next? Timing: Here is an (arche-) typical interchange between a player who feels he's digging the scene by putting himself in his character's place and yet is anticipating making decisions in a heroic manner, having to contend with a controller who's concentrating more on remembering the status from the previous turn and is into making the fantastic an absorbing pursuit. Mage: "I use my scroll of Control to cast Stun on the Orc directly behind the leader.. while stepping back out of the line of fire." DM: "Good. Joonyer the Wise begins looking for a place to lay down his staff." The mage in this example will not feel that the DM is trying to be helpful. Generally, this is because a player is thinking of his character as a game entity, and would never consider, for instance, departing from his staff (or perhaps slinging it at the advancing orcs) unless such a course had been advocated in the rule book. With such an assumption of game- relatedness, many other assumptions may be maintained, and it is often the case that shortcuts that were permitted to a novice player trying to learn the basics of the game will be presupposed by that player later on. Setting: ~?"enchanted forest" where player figures escort NPC travellers looking for guards/ guides through from rdm A to rdm B pts, with significant landmarks fixed ~OR prefer to apply this concept to Trek (cf "travellers" abv) with marked zones; and use the system of security (viz rangers around the shire) from Re-entry 2300AD adv Arena ~player fig starts 1st cbt with/ vs 2 npcs - ea cbt trm when <3 figs lft - add 1 npc fig for nxt cbt(s) - end after 3 cbts