`example JDK for Java SE 15.0.2 64-bit ver takes up 420 MB installed

Once an installed JDK has been checked for, click The game's executable .jar file to download it, which can then be run offline as standalone when double- clicked in the file manager (equivalent to selecting it and choosing the menu bar's Open -> Open as JDK Platform Binary facility's associated option, if provided).

`Browser provisional blocking of a .jar download through embedded Java cross- version checking kickback as at Setting the Security Level of the Java Client. Bypassing actions can allow user sanction for the file download: In the blocked alert box click on the three Menu dots ... and click Open the Downloads Page of the browser. In the blocked file's listing window click on Keep, then click on the resulting Show In Folder to open the File Manager showing its Downloads directory and double- click on the file name to open/ run it.

When any executable file is started, it might be necessary to click within its window or navigate to it for it to receive the keyboard focus. If the size of the game board is changed, the window will have to be manually resized by dragging its borders with the mouse to accomodate the new display dimensions.

As an alternative to using the executable .jar, and to allow for program recoding, the source code .java file can be employed. To do so, it'd be necessary to modify a batch file by putting in the appropriate path for the particular computer's java.exe installation. Extract the zipped folder's files, and users whose JDK installation is release 11 or later can make use of the Run.bat file after its path is modified by opening it in a text editor: double- clicking it for a simple rerun of the single .java source file itself with any revisions, as long as no .class files preexist in the source directory. Those keeping to earlier releases (who'd know this already) or who modularize with multiple related source files need to use the Mak.bat file to call Java's compile and run utilities with generation of the pertinent .class files.

`.java source files referenced in the .html web page, as opposed to located in the .zip file, are retagged as .txt just to enable browser link access