Compression of Metagaming's Ogre/ G.E.V. microgames.

Havoc (G.E.V.) cpx, Cybernaught (Ogre) sco, Hulk mdl
adaptations for other modules:
1) Star Wars' Hoth attack mdl (GEVs as snow speeders, Ogres as ATATs)
2) sides' character & individual veh unit representation= apt/ appropriate OB for sim of Armageddon mdl (Ogre popularity probably in part due to its apocalyptic/ total war flavor, or as Terminator war of men & machines - vs Rivets' mac to mac), though sometimes portrayed rather as an extension of business enterprise by other means: due to its forces fronting for multinational "interests"; which might be better viewed as an end times breakdown/ realignment of powers

~illus concept= Echelon (& similarly Defense In Depth)