Resource management (eg. "Kingdom") game: graphic conception derived from a variety of rudimentary formulae- oriented profit/ return matrix computer numeric simulations.

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~illus concept= Diversion, Contingency

~The accomplishment- driven/ directed machinations naively imposed on these early constructions indicated the pervasive feeling that the adaptability of the computer to processing game theory sorts of applications might evolve from the merely haphazard to the nominally (a word which became abused in a hopeful sense, just as here, to the point of distraction) representational. The tendency to retain a numeric/ formulaic summation/ summarization (as opposed to a data- based compilation) character for the empiric factors, envisaged as more satisfactory to a bean counting returns sheet or stock market yield sort of tabularization than a Monopoly board sort of assets inventory layout, presaged the appeal of what was to morph into the instrumentality of the spreadsheet.