This is an early posting for operational testing of the Warp Power applet game (initially posted 4/8/08).

The gameThe files

wrpX2.jar: Java arc* - incl all files below:
*(.jar format info)

wrpX2.html: applet-only web page Java pgm code (plain text)

wrpX-ssd.bmp: grahics vessel layout

Revision notes: Corrected tgtArc() sbr firing arc calc, & facArc() sbr arc conversion using lengthened SidCyc$. Corrected usrAlo() Speed allocation adjunct Impulse power use bookkeeping. Starting vessels and locations are fixed for functioning trial. All manned vessels (incl Shuttlecraft) require user control at present - only homers (drones & plasma torpedoes) are machine- controlled.

CadetHandbook.pdf: available rules
wrpG2.html: general category description
wrpG3.txt: game design notes (plain text)
wrpG4.txt: program coding info (plain text)