Oddsend: a soul- searching adventure in programmed text format

In the earliest days of your life, you played freely with many amiable companions over the grassy slopes of the Lee of Innocence. Chasing after each other, you would easily follow the natural terrace of flowery attractions downward until you were led onto the floor of a broad valley, called the Vale of Tears. Impressed by the expanse of the scene before you, you continued onward until the sky began to darken and rain to fall; at which those who had been around you went each to seek a separate refuge against the sudden Chill of Disillusionment.

Looking up after this unsettling disturbance, you saw ahead a high mountain wall, forming the other side of the valley, whose heights catch the Clouds of Uncertainty and hold them within; occasioning the showers which give the valley its name. The Mountain of Guilt itself, you found to be a towering obstacle impeding your progress, but not tall enough to obscure the warm sun that rises above it each day, or the rainbows which arch from over it, and the echoes of gladdening currents that seem to pervade the air somewhere beyond its nether side: promising a brighter country there.

Within the confines of the valley, the City of Resolve has been established by those seeking to provide a shelter for themselves - to which you have resorted out of necessity for the time being; finding employment in laboring under the mountain. Now, you have grace to reflect on your situation, and may attempt to determine for yourself the best course to lead you toward the happiness you so desire.

This programmed adventure is designed for ` - allegorical elements.

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`The City of Resolve is situated (`in-/ outside) a bend of the Troubled Water: a turbulent/ tumultuous river that descends out of tributary streams meandering over the mountainside and turns to flow (`eastward) down the valley (`into the Sea of Troubles).

Choose to make a tour of the City, see about establishing (`take up, look for, a) residence in the City, or go abroad for a look at the surrounding area.

`tour City. out of line Intolerabble

Return to the city proper.

`residenced on corner of Pomp & Circumstance - stop frustrating yourself with expectations of insight, and subscribe to the Course of Events - swept away by currents eroding the riverbank -> washed up at `?.

Go out to the tour, or wend your way home.

`take bridge over river to follow the Good Turnpike which passes among the Commune of Decency or the Colonies of Selfsufficiency (tranquil service at peace withal), or .\

Go out to the tour.