Resources for The Fantasy Trip RPG complex:

A free Melee starter ruleset download is at It's being made available by Steve Jackson Games as a playable precis of the expanded game.

These rules are designed to employ 6- sided dice, and prefer the use of a hexagonal map grid subdivided into 7- hex megahexes (note the sidebar Melee map illustration), so random map placements can be facilitated by the adoption of a 2d6 as d7 technique: d7.txt.

Death Test knock off

The basic Melee rules provide all the necessary instructions for this early variety of adventure, developing in its archetypal solo format a modular structure of connected rooms that allows for design of any room as a stand alone component. So for this module, collaboration is encouraged to anyone who'd be interested in contributing a room layout.

The theme in this case lays particular emphasis on avoidance, but still promotes the mystique of swords vs occasional spell- like effects, and a concentration on low- AP suitability.

Rooms are diagrammed upon the Melee map, and an arbitrary coordinate & facing legend is illustrated in the map key at right to use for textual refs.

Here's just an intro with an initial few sample entries for consideration: glbG5.html.

And for The Fantasy Trip's expanded rules, short moderated adventures as:

Juke Jaunts - playing the hits

  All Along, (in production: Bayou Bourne, Catch-As-Can)

(?Companion II) Fantasy Forum speculative materials

#1 - Ascribed Elemental vulnerabilites by type: bedX0Fi.txt. Example proposed Undead types' attributions: bonX0Fi.txt. Encounters Grading scheme: egdTft.txt.

#2 - Associated solo adventure module for the Paper Wealth treasure tables: pchG5.html. Commentary on such usage in gaming: ppwG2.txt.

#3 - Java- programmed knight's tour path generator: ktrG4.html. Feature of White/ Black party investiture, as versus individual alignments (mercenary trait): ktrG1.txt.

#4 - Tactical options breakdown= as progressive in re: Movement -> Action: treG3.txt. Derivation of Orfin's runes: treG2.html.

#5 - Small/ large scale terminology, (`?&) Lords Of Underearth MG supplement modelling: bagG3.html.