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This single web page .html file construct is intended as a base template to enable any user to adapt for one's own online programmed- text gaming mode adventures, by replacing and plugging in a storyline over its operative skeleton. It is to be considered an open source tutorial for HTML/ CSS and DOM Javascript, and is free to use.

"In Chancery" demo module in prep for open playtesting, just making use of the D&D Starter Set rules: inchX0Md.html. Source code text file: inchX0Md.txt.

D&D fans looking for a print reference, note that this module reflects character and monster stats adapted from those given in the originally published Starter Set release from 2014 with its Lost Mine (of Phandelver) adventure. There's now a later edition of the Starter Set with an accompanying Dragons of Stormwreck Isle adventure subsequently intended for beginning use as well.

D&D Encounters character record sheet, of same format as that used in the Starter Set: chrSht.pdf. The D&D home website has included a free to use, expanded "Basic Rules" 180 pg .pdf download; copied here for those interested in a (much, much) more comprehensive game orientation to access: D&DRul18.pdf.

Module's design & progrramming notes in progress:
D&D extract handbook inchG1.txt,
Scenario RPG sourcebook inchG2.txt,
Adventure design playbook inchG3.txt,
Program <script> guidebook inchG4.txt.

"Key Case" cut down sample on the basic program skeleton: keyX0Md.html. Source code text file: keyX0Md.txt.

Historical account of the development of text adventure gaming, within the field of "interactive fiction" posted 8/31/22 with comments section: Tor publ online.

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